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Each week we make our Sunday Morning messages available for replay. Our goal is that you will be able to draw closer to Jesus as you listen to the messages on this page.
John and Rachel live in Mansfield with their seven children. John started in ministry about 13 years ago and currently serves as a lead pastor in the Mansfield area. John became the Lead Pastor at MCA in June 2019. John’s ministry philosophy three-fold. He believes he needs to delight in the presence of God, to discover transformation through the power of Jesus Christ and dwell with other believers through the unity of the Holy Spirit.

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Do you exercise your faith? We often view training and exercise from the standpoint of sporting activities or keeping fit. What about your spiritual fitness? Listen in as Pastor John Risner speaks from 1 Timothy chapter 4 during our morning worship service this week.
Have you ever thought about your church organization? Elders, Deacons, Overseers. Listen to our morning message as Pastor John Risner preaches from 1 Timothy chapter 3.
This morning we start a new sermon series from the book of 1 Timothy titled The Good Fight. Listen in as Pastor John Risner teaches about Paul's encouragement to Timothy.
What sort of opposition did you face this week? Whatever that opposition may be, please know that God is with you. Listen to our message this morning from Pastor John Risner and take encouragement from Nehemiah as we hear how God helped him face his opposition. 
Do you like to wait? This morning we dive into Nehemiah chapter 2 and consider how Nehemiah waited on God's timing, made preparations and began carrying your God's call on his life.
This week we start a new sermon series based on the book of Nehemiah. Listen in as Pastor John Risner speaks from Nehemiah chapter 1.
This morning we close out the Chasing Carrots sermon series with a message titled Chasing Comfort. Where do you look for comfort?
Do you find yourself making decisions to gain the approval of other people? What would life look like if everyone made decisions to gain God's approval? Listen in on our morning message where Pastor John Risner speaks to us about Chasing Approval...
Pastor John Risner speaks about avoiding the pitfalls of greed with simplicity, generosity and gratitude.
This morning we start a new sermon series called Chasing Carrots: Resisting Endless Pursuits. Pastor John Risner kicks off the series with a sermon titled Chasing Fame.
This is a five-week sermon series from the book of 1 Timothy. The series begins on October 27th. 
This sermon series is a four part look at the work God called Nehemiah to do. It will show us how Nehemiah's life can be an example in our own lives to find our purpose and follow God's calling in our lives.
This is a four part sermon series about the things that commonly lure people away from the Gospel. We will tackle hard subjects like fame, money perfectionism, approval and comfort. The series starts August 18 and will run through September 15.
This is a six-part series from Romans chapter 12 that begins on July 7th. The passage helps us approach five key relationships Biblically. We will learn helath ways of relating to God, the world, ourselves, other belivers and non-believers. This series will challenge us to live out our faith in all arenas of life.

This is a four-part series walking through four of the Psalms of Ascent (Psalm 121, 128, 130, and 133). Through these Psalms, we are reminded to look to God in every season, walk in His way down every path and through every circumstance, and to strive for unity along the way. This series will run from June 9th - June 30th.

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