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Death is a topic that most people don’t want to talk about. When people talk about death and dying – they often use terms like: “passing on” or “slipping away” or “going to a better place.” Funerals are now called “a celebration of life service.” Cemeteries are now known as “memorial gardens.” 
The statistics on people dying are 100 percent. That makes it a relevant subject. Solomon speaks honestly about death and dying in words of realism balanced with hope. What does Solomon have to say to us about ... “What happens after I die?”
If God has a wonderful plan for your life...why do so many things happen to you that don't seem fair? Listen to this week message where Pastor Stan takes us to Ecclesiastes chapter 4 to see what Solomon has to say about it.
This week Pastor Stan will continue the sermon series "Conversations with Solomon at the Salt Creek Cafe" with a sermon titled "How Can I Make The Most Of My Time?
Have you ever felt like you're putting on a show? We can all relate because we all struggle with the same big questions. Who am I? Who loves me? Why am I here? We can answer these questions by looking into scripture to see what God has to say about us. Scripture is clear that in Jesus we are loved, we can be forgiven, that we have purpose, and that we all belong. 
This week Pastor Stan continues his sermon series from Ecclesiastes entitled: "How Can I Be Happy?"
Today we start a new sermon series called "Conversations with Solomon at the Salt Creek Cafe". This morning we kick off the series with a look at Solomons reflections in Ecclesiastes chapter 1.
A message from Pastor Stan Grizzle taking us into the new year of 2019.
The Angels appear four times throughout the Christmas Story. They carried powerful messages on behalf of God and those messages are for you too. Merry Christmas!
During this message Pastor Stan shares lessons from the Magi....They changed their plans to conform with what God said to them. Once they came to know who Jesus was … and bowed and surrendered in faith … once they had worshipped Him … they began to allow God’s direction to change their lives and to transform them. That’s what happens when you become a follower of Jesus Christ.
This is the second week of advent and we are focusing on Faith as part of our Christmas Sermon Series. In his message Pastor Stan challenges us to focus our attention on the things that are eternally important.