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This week we will close out the sermon series Prayer: First Resort or Last Response. Pastor Stan share possible reasons that we resist prayer and he will help us understand the model of prayer that Paul uses in the New Testament. The sermon title is "A Prayer You Can Pray 365 Days a Year".
There are some ministers and churches today that teach that it is ALWAYS the will of God to heal you! If you just have enough faith … you will be healed. THEN there are other churches and ministers who teach that it is NOT NECESSARILY ALWAYS the will of God to heal you. If we are going to learn how to pray for God’s healing, then it is very important for us to understand what the Bible teaches about illness and healing.
Why is Communion important for Christians? This week Pastor Stan will take a break from our current sermon series and bring our attention to Communion as part of World Communion Sunday.
Many times, in the Bible, God promises to answer our prayers. God ALWAYS answers -- but not always the answer we want. This week we will look at 4 ways God answers prayer.
This mornings message continues in the Prayer sermon series with "Getting Serious About Praying for Your Problems and Difficult Decisions". How do you get faith in a faithless situation? Listen in as Pastor Stan continues his teaching on Prayer and our relationship with God. 
This week we continue our sermon series Prayer: First Response or Last Resort. Pastor Stan Grizzle speaks to us this morning about how our relationship with God impacts our prayer life. Seeking God and abiding in Him will enhance your prayer life. After all...Prayer is not about changing God...It is about changing you...
This week we begin a new sermon series titled "Prayer: First Response or Last Resort". The first message in the series is "Payer - Changing the Mind of God or Changing Me". In his message Pastor Gizzle teaches us about the misconceptions we sometimes have of prayer and follows that with several points that help us understand the purpose of prayer. The text for the morning was taken from John chapters 13 - 16.
In his final message as the Senior Pastor of MCA, Jeremy Miller speaks of finding a place to belong in the Church. Based on Ephesians 2:19-22 the message challenges the church to provide an authentic place for people to find purpose and belonging through Jesus Christ.
What does it mean to be so consumed with Jesus that there is no other way of seeing ourselves other than as our lives identify with Him? The overwhelming message of scripture is that for those of us who follow Jesus, the entirety of our lives are to be lived under the authority and direction of Him. The temptation is to allow our vision of Jesus and His kingdom to become clouded by concerns of the present realities in which we find ourselves. Sometimes we grow to love these other identities because they feel more accessible and tangible and give us something we want. This morning’s message is a challenge to have Jesus be the thing that defines our lives.
This week MCA held our Annual Church Picnic at Skyview Ranch in Millersburg. As part of that service Pastor Jeremy Miller shared a message that is part of his final chapter at MCA entitled "And One More Thing...Concerning Hope".