Seminar For Growth
The MCA Seminar For Growth is an annual event held during the winter/spring of the year. It is intended to be an intentional time set aside for spiritual development and growth.
2019 S4G

On March 17th we will start the 2019 Seminar For Growth at MCA with a three part series titled Lead Like Jesus. Join us at 9:00am on Sunday morning.

This year our guest speaker will be Dan Owolabi. Drawing upon his talent for storytelling and his passion for connecting with others, Dan has spent the past 15 years working to empower those around him. For nearly a decade, he served as a public school teacher and pastor in Northeast Ohio. 

His immediate success and subsequent speaking invitations eventually led Dan to start The Dan Owolabi Company dedicated to training and inspiring leaders around the country. By guiding them to build stronger relationships, he has been able to share his fiercely held principle that leadership isn’t a status you get, but a service you give.

March 17th   The Essence of Influence
March 24th   Connecting Without Losing Character
March 31st   Fighting the Good Fight